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The Machine2017Letter correspondence found between my maternal grandparents and their parents become source material for this collaborative work  My great-great grandfather was an inventor by the name of Henry C Daubenspeck. He collaborated with Samuel E Winder on a glass bottle molding machine which was patented in 1920. The letters take place before and during the height of WWII, between the 1920s-1940s.  Daubenspeck writes to his daughter and her husband about his travels in Europe working on his invention, meanwhile trying to locate investors. In one letter, Daubenspeck shared a sentiment that hilter was so absurd he couldn’t possibly gain a real following with his movement. In another, he casually points out that his bottle molding invention cut off one of his fingers. 

This project was created at La Macina Di San Cresci (The Machine of Saint Cresci), an artist residency in Grieve, Italy.
photograms, photographs, found letters, text

collaborators: Al Marietta, HC Daubenspeck