Suburb Study is a photographic series I created while processing my relocation to a surreal but “normative” American suburb, Colonial Hills, and my father’s death from alcoholism. Colonial Hills is a middle-class suburb that exists outside of Columbus, Ohio. The nuclear families in the suburb resembled to me social standards that I found unrelatable and unattainable within my own experience. I bought several disposable cameras and photographed the neighborhood. I lived there for a year, renting a home with my mother and my son from 2017-2018, until circumstances would force us to move again. The images are the beginning of a site-specific series, Colonial Hills that took part between 2017-2021 that also includes a textbook audit and a dialogical project with Minus Plato. For me, the photographs document my grief and provide a thread to the lack of support single-parents experience, housing instability, and the devaluation of care/care labor - all of which is intrinsic to ideologies that are foundational to places like Colonial Hills.


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rebecca copper — based in the occupied Shawandassee Tula, Kaskaskia, and Myaamia lands also known as Cols. OH