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Colonial Hills
A publication consolidating the different works of the site-specific series, Colonial Hills


(s): artist, writer, designer 

Single Parent Archive
Single Parent Archive serves as a DIY publisher, releasing publications in various formats. Publications are reproductions of “artifacts” and/or conversations related to the experience of parents, caregivers, and children who submit materials to the archive. 

collection of publications & artifact reproductions

role(s): facilitator, designer, coordinator, editor

SoFA Journal
Social Forms of Art (SoFA) Journal is an academic journal associated with the Portland State University’s Art and Social Practice program. The journal began as a research space, founded by Spencer Byrnes-seres. It evolved into a collection of dialogical practices investigating social practice and other social forms of art. 

Social Forms of Art Journal

role(s): committee member(2019), contributor

The Tapes, Conversations I, II, III  
w. Marti Clemmons, Gilah Tennenbaum, Katharine English, Cindy Cumfer, and Pat Young
Fall 2021, Winter 2022, Spring 2022

Interspecies Collaborations and Socially Engaged Art
w. Ruth Burke
Spring 2021

Art, Education, and Social Realms
w. Nato Thompson
Winter 2021

If Images Could Speak
w. Adrian Rosser
Fall 2020

Transactional Relationships
(Research article, non-interview)
Spring 2020