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The Letter “U”
I worked with Laura Glazer and Lisa Jarrett to organize a workshop with Wendy Ewald for Portland State University’s Art and Social Practice MFA program. Wendy led a multi-day workshop discussing her collaborative processes. Based on one of Wendy’s projects with Katy Homans and educators in Tanzania, the MFA cohort created a photographic alphabet about the Martin Luther King Elementary School, where the King School Museum of Contemporary Art (KSMoCA) is located. Photographs were taken to represent the letter “U” for the word “Useful”. The images were created in collaboration with artists Laura Glazer and Shelbie Loomis, and two elementary students. After showing our student collaborators how my camera worked, the students composed the image for “U’. They chose to demonstrate how a trash can is useful. 
socially engaged , collaborative photography
workshop, photography, alphabet, dialogical

collaborators: Laura Glazer, Lisa Jarrett, Shelbie Loomis, Wendy Ewald, students of KSMoCA