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Waterways (of Ohio)
Waterways (of Ohio) is a lens-based, socially engaged project that explores different ways to know, look deeply at, and form social relationships with the non-human life of local rivers, creeks, and waterways. I explore the sociality of lens-based practices: how the camera can encourage connection and relationship building. When I engage the body of water, I contemplate what it is I am exchanging with it. While photographs sometimes result, I don’t always bring the camera. I compare what I experience by the waters with what I read in books, and how the River(s) are named and traced on maps. My understanding of these waterways requires my returning again and again over time.

lens-based & socially engaged  
photography, dialogical art, process-based, artistic research, 

Ohio River, Olentangy River, Clear Creek

Funded by the Greater Columbus Arts Council
Thank you GCAC!