In 2021, I worked with Minus Plato of internet radio show, dear fellow settler colonizer, to organize a kind of community dialogue about the term “colonial”. We were interested in the definition, etymology, and contemporary connections to the term. Curious about the place, Colonial Hills, and the thoughts of the current residents, we posted up fliers around the neighborhood asking for participation in a conversation about the word “colonial”. We set up at tent near the north entrance sign of the suburb and waited for folks to engage. 

  The conversation that occured was recorded as part of Minus Plato’s radio show, dear fellow settler colonizer, and aired on Verge.FM in the summer 2021. The project was shared at Portland State University’s Art and Social Practice Assembly Conference. Themes covered during the event were ranged from participation, meaning, and success. We also discussed care and effort, histories of urban vs.suburban, and the war industry that spawned the Colonial HIlls development in the 1940s.

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rebecca copper — based in the occupied Shawandassee Tula, Kaskaskia, and Myaamia lands also known as Cols. OH