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Gatherade Stand (Nettle Soda Documentation)
Artist Gili Rappaport facilitated a socially-engaged artwork with students of the Martin Luther King School Elementary titled, The Gatherade Stand. There were several components to their social artwork such as poetry writing, music making, and creating a nettle soda emblazoned with the well-known Gatorade symbol. The Gatorade symbolism was a pop gesture, a throwback to the work of Corita Kent. I collaborated with the students to document the freshly canned soda, materials to make the soda, and their signage. The images were captured on an SX-70 Polaroid Land camera. Students naturally grew interested in the function of the camera.

collaborative photography
dialogical, process-based

collaborators: Gili Rappaport, 5th grade students: Aden, Ana, Bella, Caeden, Caterina, Chanel, Fatina, Matthew, Mo, Penelope, Rehema, Romelia, Romero, Serena, Taylor, Timmy, Zayair