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Single Parent Archive
Single Parent Archive is an archive that centers the multiplicity of experience connected to single parenting, or caring for a dependent on one’s own. Co-founded with Marti Clemmons, the Single Parent Archive intersects identity, care/care labor value, and archival/preservation practices. 

As of current, the Single Parent Archive is still in the midst of structural development and has acquired a small collection. The collection contains poetic narratives, photography, interviews, scanned recipes, illustrations, and more. The philosophy of the archive is to investigate alternative practices of archiving; to inquire and refuse the “capturing” of objects/stories/experiences from communities; to find regenerative aspects of preservation.

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socially engaged
archives, parenting, lens-based, preservation, dialogical

collaborators: Marti Clemmons, Shelbie Loomis, Peter Freeman, Aisling Dunn, Amy Schuessler, Gilah Tennenbaum,  Pat Young, Katharine English, Cindy Cumfer